Ranking of Dogs 20 Smartest Dog Breeds  


Dogs are descendent animals and a domesticated wolf breed found in the Canis familiarises or the Canis lupus familiarise as the scientific name of the species and genus they are categorized in. dogs have been seen to evolve from an ancient wolf and the modern breeds are seen to be related to the nearest wolf that is still alive. It was the first animal to be domesticated by early men who were hunters and gatherers before agricultural development. The association of this species and human beings has led to a robust and discrete relationship between the two. They can succeed on a diet rich in starch which naturally is inadequate for the canid groups. With many combinations and breeds, dogs have been selectively bred together over millions of decades for various sensory, behavioral, and physical attributes and capabilities. The breeds of dogs in the modern era vary widely in color, size, and shape. In a domestic setting, they have been seen to perform various roles like herding, hunting, companionship, pulling loads, aiding disabled people, and therapy. They have become overly adopted by various individuals with human behavior, making them men best friends. Here is a list of the smartest dogs: